How it works

Cooranbong Water plans to harvest wastewater through its local sustainable water network, purify it and provide homes with a secure and environmentally friendly source of recycled water to keep gardens green all year, flush toilets and use in washing machines. This will be in addition to providing drinking water supplies.

Recycled water at your home

Take a virtual tour of your recycled water system.

Recycled water in the community

Learn how it works in the community.

The recycled water centre

Learn how it works at the centre.

Purification process

Recycled water undergoes seven purification processes at Cooranbong. Find out more.

Pressure sewer

What is pressure sewer?

Caring for the environment

Why is recycled water so good?

How much water can I save?

How many swimming pools of water am I saving?

Find out more about Flow.